Random Note Project

You found a note?! Consider yourself as rare and as beautiful as the little message you stumbled upon. It is truly improbable that you, specifically, would be the one to come across your note. Any number of contingencies could have come between you and that note, from the writer forgetting to bring a pen to you being caught in a thought just as you were passing that spot. But things happened as they did and that is why this website exists. We demonstrate that despite the immense improbabilities we face each day, great things will happen, and they will happen to you.

We ask that you upload your note along with a little story about how you came across it. We would like to share in your experience and be reminded once more just how magnificent human kindness is. We ask also that you write some notes of your own and place them as you wish. Finding a note is a small joy in comparison to seeing that someone else found a note you placed out in the world and hearing how their day was changed by it. Now get to it!


Upload Your Note